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Closer to You Season 2 (2023)


Having the same stylistic tone as the first season, Closer to You 2 follows Han Fei as she time travels to her university days and reunites with her boyfriend Wu Jing Hao who was supposed to be lying unconscious in a hospital bed. They continue their love story while trying to solve the mysteries of fate. Ten years ago, Wu Jing Hao fell into a coma to save Han Fei; and she has been waiting for him to wake up ever since. By chance, the 28-year-old Han Fei travels back in time to the commencement ceremony at the university campus. If things were as it once was, Wu Jing Hao should’ve been in the hospital. Instead, Wu Jing Hao has lost part of his memories. Han Fei’s mind is burning with questions yet she walks into Wu Jing Hao’s life once again to continue their romance. In the process, she discovers that there is no escape from fate.

Director: Chen Rong Hui

Also known as: Wo De Ci Wei Nv Hai 2 Wo De Ci Wei Nv Hai Zhi Nian Nian Bu Wang 我的刺猬女孩2 我的刺猬女孩 第二季 Closer to You 2


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Genres: , ,

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Closer to You Season 2 (2023) full episodes

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